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Thanks for all the info

Mrs. Glass

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I just want to thank everyone for their input. I was so freaked out about this. I tried a shower yesterday,and could not get it cold enough. My daughter is going to buy me a shower chair, and my husband is going to enstall a shower head that has a hose on it, cant think of what its called right now. I am just so frustrated because that is just one more thing on my list that I cant do by myself anymore. No more hot baths for me I guess. What is really bad, is I live in the desert where it gets pretty hot. I guess I will be spending my time indoors this summer. I am not going to move. As bad as my little town is it is home, and my family is here, I am rooted. I will just have to make adjustments I guess. But thanks again, I am really glad to know that I am not losing my mind just yet! Ha Ha . Vanessa

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Guest Finrussak

I also get that " great now there's one more thing I cant do alone or the same or do "normally"" feelings....like when I needed help all last summer washing my hair!!! But then I try to feel blessed...My daughter and I would have missed those conversations while she helped be blowdry my hair....the nice ( and not so nice) health aides I have met...some to go on to become friedns after I no loger needed them. Finally I remind myself that somewhere theres always someone who has it worse than I do.....that usually snaps me out of the pity party ( necessary at times but I try to not indulge too often or too long)

I still have a big rpoblem with getting a handicapped sticker on my car so that health aides or friends or relatives driving me can park where its best...Im thinking well, Im not "really" handicapped (wrong) itll go away by the time the sticker is processed and mailed to me (wrong), the Drs wont think Im bad enuf to sign the forms (wrong)...we all DO this!!!!! ( and you shopulda seen me in a scooter 2 summers ago just so I could be with my kids at Myrtle Beach.....I felt mortified and that I was "milking it"...until the day I left it at hotel and promptly collapsed a block from the hotel...had to be carried ona luggage cart for Petes sake back to my room....what a sight) Try to think of these things as "helpers" to keep you as normal as possible, as independent as possible....and be thankful for these innovations that a few decades ago were absent. My shower hose/ safety handles etc is what helps me to NOT have to go into a nursing home and for that I am supremely grateful!!!!!

dont be too hard on yourself....life deals us cards; some we can discard, others we are stuck with...we have to try to make the best hand possible and have FUN while doing it!!!

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