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Profound Weakness following bronchitis


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i'm not sure about actual weakness, but in terms of feeling like you're back to square one after an illness it's pretty typical for many of us. most of the time patience/time do the trick....and finding the balance between pushing (i.e. not laying in bed 24/7) and taking it slow is key....though easier said than done. a few times though illness has brought on a major crash for me though that has required med changes, etc. unfortunately i haven't found any magic formula though for any of it.

hang in there,

;) melissa

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Were you able to take a course or 2 of Antibiotics to make sure that the bronchitis is completely gone?

I know there is a strain this season that is particularly mean and hard to get rid of... I have been on 3 rounds of abx so far for mine... I think I am finally in the home stretch ( well never say never!! LOL ;) )

I hope you feel better soon!

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After I had pneumonia and sinus infection (was in hospital for a week), it took me months to feel back to *my normal*, as abnormal as that may be. You'll need to give your body more time to recover--it takes lots of bodily resources to recover. Rest, eat well, and take any vitamins that you might need or are recommended from your doctor(s).


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