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Okay, I am diagnosed with POTS, NSC, and EDS. I am currently taking Flourinef, Zoloft, tons of herbs and salt. I still feel tired all the time. Fatigue and fainting are my worst symptoms.

I just want a way to stop my fatigue. I was readying First (the magazine) and there was a story about a lady with hypoadrenia. Her symptoms sounded a lot like mine, so I want to ask my doctor if I maybe have it.

Does anyone here have it? How is it diagnosed? And what meds do you take for it?

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You may want to check this site out and the other links on it.


Generally speaking, most people with illness and especially chronic illness will have changes in their adrenal functioning. It's probably a symptom of your illness and not the cause but it's definately worth checking it out so you have more info on where you stand.

There is a really good book also you may want to read. Adrenal Fatigue-The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L. Wilson N.D., D.C. PHD

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katie -

this is definitely something to bring up with your doctor, who may then want you to see an endocrinologist (the specialist who would do the testing for anything adrenal). there are a lot of overlapping symptoms between different disorders that can be hard to sort out.

i actually had never heard the term "hypoadrenia" but i do have a cortisol deficiency. there have been some other discussions on this on the forum. if you do a search for cortisol you will probably find them. i take cortef and am in the midst of trying to figure out if it's really helping me at all b/c honestly i didn't notice any major change in my symptoms since starting it. for me i was diagnosed through a cortisol stimulation test...my regular cortisol levels are generally ok but they don't react appropriately to physical stressors (surgery, illness, etc).

hope this helps,

;) melissa

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If you have hyperadrenergic POTS, your adrenals are overactive, not underactive. You might look as if you have Addison's disease (muscle weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure), except that people with Addison's usually have a tan, even on parts of the body that are not exposed to the sun. The phony suntan and the excessive urination that results from loss of salt through the kidneys are why Addison's disease was once called "bronze diabetes."

Addison's disease is much less common than it once was. The main cause of it years ago was tuberculosis, which often destroyed the adrenal glands. Now, most cases of Addison's disease are the result of an autoimmune process that attacks the adrenals.

In hyperadrenergic POTS, the adrenals may simply be unable to compensate for low blood volume that results from some other cause. The extra salt and the licorice or Florinef are supposed to boost your blood volume, which might give your poor overworked adrenals some rest.

Why do people with hyperadrenergic POTS have low blood volume to begin with? I really really really wish I knew.

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I have periods where I dont have low blood volume, yet i still have symptoms - so POTS isnt always related to low blood volume. I have had low blood volume, yet had terrible reactions to Florinef.

My doctor doesnt make a distinction between Hyperadrenegic pots and the vascular pooling type, since he views the symptoms of the overactive autonomic system as a reaction to the decrease of blood flow to the brain unless the patient demonstrates poor noradrenaline re-uptake (making the symptoms purely nervous system)

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