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Handy Seat Helps Mobility


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Just wanted to let everyone know that I recently purchased a Handy Seat and it has helped alot with getting out of the house and trying to keep up with my family. I use it to lean on and to help walk and when I am looking at something, need to stand in line, or just need to rest, I fold it out and sit down whenever and wherever I need to. It takes about two seconds and it weighs less than 2 pounds. This thing is great and fairly inexpensive. I bought mine at Sport Chalet under the name Sport Seat for 19.99. They are also available on the internet under the name Handy Seat. Just FYI, I purchased and tested a few different kinds and I prefer the ones with the open handle on the Sport Seat and the Handy Seat because they are easier to lean on. These things are great. Of course, I get some strange looks, but I also get alot of questions as to where they can be purchased. Hope this helps for any of you who need to sit frequently. Ann

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Glad you found something that can help, specially to get out of the house. Good for you.

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thanks for the info...i've been thinking of getting one in hopes that it would be of help for short "in & out" ventures, i.e. the bank, post office, etc. and i wouldn't have to use my wheelchair...

:rolleyes: melissa

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