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Potassium/Magnesium Supplement


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Hi there! I second Ernie's response. You should never take a potassium supplement without consulting your doctor. If your body isn't in need of extra potassium and you take a supplement, it could cause some very serious heart irregularities. Your doctor could do a simple blood test to determine if your potassium levels are off. :( Laura

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Hi there,

Yes potassium needs to be monitored. In my case, my Dr checked after a few weeks taking florinef, to see if I was losing potassium and magnessium (potassium loss occurs in 50% of the cases and 5% magnessium loss). So after my Dr checked my blood, she was able to tell me how much to take. I try to get it from natural sources, such as bananas. Also, your Dr needs to continue monitoring your potassium and magnessium after that. Hope this helps

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