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  1. Did you ever find someone in South Carolina? I’ve been looking for someone for my daughter.

  2. Any suggestions for abdomen compression? I have a terrible time after eating and looking for some relief. I've never tried any abdomen compression options, but have seen them mentioned. Are they effective? Thanks!
  3. Ughhh...thank you for the info! Do you know what the doctor who is leaving name is?
  4. Does anyone know of any physicians who are familiar in treating POTS in or around the South Carolina area?
  5. I have been taking Florinef for over six years, and recently decided to stop after consulting doctor. I've never liked some of the side effects I felt on it, but did benefit from the increase in BP. I slowly reduced my dosage down to a 1/4 of a .1 mg tablet. I've not taken any Florinef in 2 weeks, but I still feel like I'm on it. Should I still feel it's effects at this point?
  6. Has anyone ever experienced an increase in heart rate after starting florinef?
  7. Just a question....Will the irregular heartbeats associated with POTS lead to any heart damage in the future or are they harmless? Thanks!
  8. I'm looking at getting a Potassium/Magnesium supplement to go with the florinef that I'm taking. What should I look for on the bottle? How many mg, etc.? Any advice is appreciated!
  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am currently taking florinef and a beta blocker. With beta blockers used to slow the heart rate, and corticosteroids such as florinef having the ability to elevate the heart rate, can't these medications work against one another? Could this cause irregular heartbeats? Just curious.
  10. Basically the long term effects I was referring to were decrease in potassium levels, bone thinning, and vision problems. Glad to hear that it may not be that bad, because it sure has helped restore near normalcy to my life.
  11. I've been on .1 mg once a day of Florinef for about 15 months now and its done wonders for me. I've read some things about long-term usage of Florinef causing problems for people down the road. I'm a little afraid that my doctor may try to take me off of Florinef at some point because of this. Anyone have any opinions/thoughts/info on this?
  12. Just for curiosity's sake, I was wondering if the pooling of blood caused by POTS can lead to blood clots? Are people with POTS more suceptible to blood clots?
  13. Is it possible for someone to have a partial/slight case of POTS their entire life and not know it? I know that most on this forum have full blown POTS, but could someone have a small case of it? Just curious....Thanks!
  14. I ask this because a year or two ago, I was found to have elevated liver enzymes in normal blood tests. I was tested again and the results were the same. Well, now that I've been diagnosed with POTS, I was wondering if there was a connection. They did CT scans, extensive blood work, etc....but could not find anything wrong with my liver. Could this be POTS related? If so, could this have a long term damaging effect on my liver?
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