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Intravenous colloids


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Colloidal fluids (e.g., albumin and hetastarch) are given to people who have lost a lot of blood. The particles of the colloid are so large that they stay inside your blood vessels, holding water in there with them. In fact, whole blood could be considered a colloid. Intravenous colloids provide a longer lasting increase of intravascular volume than would a crystalloid solution, such as saline. Emma Nicholson has written to POTSPLACE about the improvements she experienced after she received albumin. Has anyone else received colloids for the treatment of POTS?

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I have never heard of this before but it seems to make sence and on paper looks as though it would work well.

It will be interesting to hear from anyone who has tried it or perhaps see some research done?

Thanks for posting, anything is worth a try!!!

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