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Anyone taken Medrol?

Deb M.

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I'm absolutely terrified to try another steroid for my asthma. But it's an emergency. The doc is trying me on Medrol. I have been on prednisone many times and I'm convinced it's what either started my tachycardia or made it worse!! And it gave me horrible side effects...I become bedridden each time I take it! I'm refusing to take it now.

So can anyone tell me if Medrol has similar side effects as prednisone? I'll be on it tapering for two weeks... Anyone have any problems on it, such as heart palpitations, etc??


Deb M.

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I have asthma and severe allergies, sinus infections and a history of pneumonia. I've been on more Medrol packs than I care to count...as well as IV "solumedrol". It doesn't do anything for my tachy, but that doesn't mean it wont do it to you...

Generally speaking, medrol makes me bloated, constantly hungry, easily aggitated (basically everyone and everything made me want to yell at them), and a bit more energetic than my norm. For me, the pay off is that medrol consistently makes it easier to breathe and/or removes my sinus blockage within a few days.

I always tell myself that "breathing is more important than the side effects". No breathing...very bad thing, yes? :lol:


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I have taken medrol pack many many times.. to help with my breathing problems..

it does help with the breathing for a little while...

I'm sorry though.. I cant recall the side effects from the med... just that it did help my breathing for a short while...I hope that it helps you!!!


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