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Is Glaucoma and Severe Osteoporosis related

Mrs. Glass

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Hi, I am new to this forum, and I do not see so well any more even with my glasses, so if I misspell a word please forgive me. My question is, Is there any evidence that Glaucoma and Severe Osteoporosis could be connected to Autonomic Dysfunction? I do not know which form that I have yet, my Neurologist wants to do some research on it and then run some specialty tests on me. No one in my family history has had any neurological problems or Osteoporosis. I am only 48 and my orthopedists said that my bones are like glass. All kinds of tests were run on me to see if anything metabolic was the cause, and he found nothing.I was diagnosed with glaucoma and osteoporosis just a few months ago and diagnosed with Autonomic Dysfunction just a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Vanessa

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Thanks for responding, I do not know if any of this is related it just seems strange that I was perfectly healthy and then I was diagnosed with the Osteoporosis, and then the Glaucoma and now this stupid disease. I have an appointment for MRIs and and EMG on the 30th. Yes I was on steroids, but only after these 2 were diagnosed. and only for a short time, one for my back and then I was on Florinef. The Doc had to temporarily take me off of the florinef and midodrine because it was raising my blood pressure too much due to the pain and I ended up having a mini stroke. Our local hospital is so horrible that they treated me for a general headache and sent me home. To get quality care from a hospital I either have to go to Las Cruces or El Paso and in an emergency situation it is just too far. Talk to you later.

Sounds like Cushing's syndrome to me. Have you been on steroids? If not, your body might be making too much cortisol on its own.

Best of luck finding the diagnosis.

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