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Proamitine vs Midrodine?


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I'm just wondering if people have noticed any difference between the brand and generic of these two meds. O tried Midrodine, but got me really sick, so my Dr told me to stop it. I've been getting the generic form of florinef, but today pharmacy gave me different looking tablet, when I inquired I was told that it's another manufacturer. I'm afriad of changing manufacturers but also would like to know if people here have noticed any differences.


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The drug companies will brag their generics are "exactly the same as the brand name'.

What they neglect to tell you is the binders and fillers can alter the way the drug gets into our system and like mentioned, sadly, some add different dyes that can cause allergic reactions.

That said, some generics are better than others. Best just to try what you can afford and if problems, make sure doctor writes out DAW)Dispaense as Written) to make sure you get the brand name.

Good luck.

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