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How bizarre! My pots is locationally related!


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Ive just realised the most bizarre thing.

When i first went to university I moved to the city of Melbourne Australia and during that time I first got POTS. It started with weird symptoms before its onest such as dry eyes, dry skin, itchiness and other weird things.

I started getting all the classic POTS symptoms and I was eventually diagnosed early last year.

Since then my symptoms wax and wane - and IM ok as long as I avoid cheese.

Ive just been overseas for three months on a highly stressful work assignment, but during that time my symptoms went away completely. In three months I only had one bad day. This is the same as the year before when I went away on a two week holiday - total loss of symptoms. This is even when I eat foods that would normally kick off an episode and which I cannot handle while in Melbourne.

I arrive back in melbourne and have time off so there is no stress in my life. But as with the holiday last year my symptoms return within days - and quite badly - the groggy headedness, weird vision, body tremors, all the usual POTS symptoms.

Im now convinced that something in Melbourne is causing my pots symptoms to worsen. It has to be some sort of allergy - what else could it be?

The only things I can account for are that when Im in melbourne I always live with a cat - overseas and on holiday I never do, or maybe its the water or pollen in Melbourne? Is there a long term low dose antihistamine that might help?

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Oh a fellow aussie! :)

I find i cant take the aussie bushland ... i improved ALOT when i moved into a inner sydney apartment ... if i go to my boyfriends house in bushland/suburbia i tend to get dizzy and faint. I feel bad as his family never see me in my 'better' form.

Melbourne has dampness ... maybe its a mould or it could be a plant?

Could it even be the tap water? (i get sick if i drink tap water)

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