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Trick or Treat, Had to Take a Seat


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Last night my son and his wife brought our 2 grandsons and we all went downtown (our small town) to the Great Pumpkin Caper. The merchants put on costumes and give out candy at their doors and the kids (thousands of them!) file up one side of the street and down the other, gathering treats.

I was enjoying the Fall night air and my grandsons when I began to have POTS symptoms. We were at a corner with a bench. A man was sitting on one end of the bench. He was wearing a red jacket with the name Jerry on the front.

I told my family, "I am going to sit on this bench with Jerry, here, until you come back around this block." They moved on. leaving me there.

Jerry: Tired?

Jan: No, just old.

Jerry: (indignantly) I am NOT old. (he looked about 75)

Jan: Not YOU. Me. (Jan is 58)

Jerry: (snort)

I should have been wearing a DINET bracelet. I never did get one. Then it could have been:

Jerry: Tired?

Jan: No, Just dysautonomia.

Jerry: Huh?

Jan: (shows her bracelet and hands Jerry a card.)

Jerry: (thoughtful as he reads the card)

This morning I ordered a bracelet. I will be ready for Halloween next year and all the other stuff that comes between now and then.

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