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Caught a virus!

Dawg Tired

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It started with waking up with bedspin. :angry: Then I started having pain in my ear last Friday. :angry: I thought it was something that would go away in a day or two... :) But it didn't.

Monday I called my doc and went in. He looked me over and prounounced me to have a virus. :angry:

So then... My Sister in law, Elaine, called and said she and her ma has the same thing. She is to stay off work for another 4 days because she is VERY contagious. I don't know if I picked it up somewhere and took it to them or if I picked it up there but, may I say... IT HAS KICKED MY BUTT!! I am so exhausted again. Kind of like when all this started. Doc said to rest, drink lots of fluids and try to eat.

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Bless your heart. Interestingly, most people are relieved when they hear from a doctor that what they have is "just a virus," thinking it wil pass quickly. Unfortunately, for us "just a virus" is like saying "just being hit by a two-ton truck." When my children were ill (with normal childhood things), I always "babied" them and gave them special privileges. Today, with the POTS, on really bad days, I just give myself permission to be "babied." Because I live alone, usually I'm the one "babying" myself but it somehow works. I basically give myself permission to simply leave the gatorade bottle on the floor by the easy chair when it's empty, etc. On a better day, I'll go back to taking care of all the details of life.

So, baby yourself through this just like a mother would baby her sick child through it.

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I am sick too! Ughhh!

My 4 month old had his immunizations on Tuesday and a few hours later he started getting a high fever (103 degrees!) and diarrhea. It lasted for 2 days and he was inconsolable and crying constantly. I ended up taking him back to the doctor to make sure evertything was OK...his ped said that diarrhea is not a side effects of the shots, and I'm thinking yeah right, it started a few hours later!! He said it must be a virus...then by Friday he was feeling fine and just had this weird rash...doc again said that it must be a virus for a rash to show up after the fact. I thought he was nuts until yesterday afternoon when I started feeling queasy.

I was so slammed by the diarrhea and nausea that I had to give both kids to David for the night and crawl into bed, where I had a fever all night long of around 102. It was terrible...luckily I had some Zofran on hand so I was able to take some, that way I could sleep a little. I woke up this morning feeling better but still very achey, weak, and sooooooo dizzy!! Thank goodnes for my laptop, it's a lifesaver too today. If only these kids would stay quiet and let me rest....ugghhh.....

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Oooohhhh, I stayed home from church so I wouldn't spread it around... Looks like maybe, Hmmm, a computer (tee hee hee!) virus?? Just kidding... Didn't know y'all would catch it from me here!

Okay, the Holidays are coming, we all gotta start doing better!

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