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my 22 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with pots. i would like another opinion. i am in the process of making an appt for her with dr. yan-go at ucla. no openings until feb 2006. could someone please suggest a dr on the west coast who would be good. the sooner we go the better. thank you in advance and good luck to all. helen

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Helen, please take a peek at the pinned topic (at the top of the forum) that's labeled "help yourself to answers to common questions".


within that, are links to several sources for doctors knowledgeable in autonomic problems.


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I don't want to be negative but I don't want people spending money and time on places that won't be beneficial.

The Mayo in Scottsdale does not have an autonomic lab and I've heard from several people that the few tests that Scottsdale did were not performed properly.

I think Mayo clinic is great but like many other facilities they all have their specialties and autonomic disorder is not something Scottsdale is the best to go to. If you are going to spend the $ and travel, go somewhere that will help and do the testing properly.

You may want to look for an electrophysiologist (cardiology specialist)--you can do a search. Then call the office of the Dr and ask if the Dr has any experience treating Neurocardiogenic syncope or POTS and if so, how much experience. You may not find all the answers you are looking for but that may be a good start.

Good luck and certainly let us know if you find a good Dr.

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I completely agree that the most important aspect of a place is whether the doctor actually knows about POTS and has had experience with it. It is important to do your homework and find out if the doctor you'll be seeing has POTS experience before spending money and effort to travel to a place for help.

Even if a place is highly reputable (with lots of doctors and lots of specialties), the key is whether there is a doctor who actually treats POTS patients! Best wishes to you.

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So who is good Poohbear? Which ones are ok-in your opinion?

Is Dr. Grubb really worth seeing? If you have been told you have POTS and are being treated with the few treatments that are common here, what is the point of going to see him-what is it that he does that is different? I guess what I am asking is what do you guys learn from him? Is it the specifics-as in what parts of autonomic trouble you have-exactly what? Is is ruling out everything? How long of a wait is there usually for a new patient?

I too, would love a second opinion. And more answers. Good luck. I too am beginning to wonder if it is just best to see Dr. Grubb. JenniferTX

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