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Lauren AKA dizzy Dame


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hey girl I was thinking o f you and wondering how your appointment at the docs went today.. hope that you are ffeing better

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Awwwwww, linda. That's so nice of you to think of me.


I didn't get to see my doc today, but I talked to him on the phone. Incidentally, I did "relieve" myself last night, so when I talked to him, bowel obstruction was no longer an issue. He said it was probably my period and the fact that I drink about three liters of gatorade a day, but I'm probably going to have some tests to make sure I'm not having problems with my gallbladder.

I'm still pretty new to the Dysautonomia diagnosis (only 6 months). It's just so hard to believe sometimes that so many things could be going wrong with my body at once. I feel like there's been some sort of mutiny!

I should be getting some more answers soon though, I've got my appointment for Vandy coming up.

Thanks again for asking.


Lauren :)

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