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An United Kingdom doctor recently signed up for our physicians' list. I know many of you in the UK have had a hard time finding a doctor near you. I know nothing about this doctor, but thought I would pass his information on to you:

Dr John Bayliss FRCP

Cardiology Dept, West Hertfordshire Hospitals

Hemel Hempstead

Hertfordshire HP2 4AD

01442 287087

Dr. Bayliss is a Cardiologist with more than 20 years experience helping people with neurocardiogenic syncope and related problems such as POTS.?

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hey now that is very cool.... a doc signing up on the physicains list.. I hope that you guys in the UK find him helpful in treating you....

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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for letting us over here know this info - anyone with new ideas or who are willing to help will always be gratefully received! It's also good to hear that there are some more Drs out there who are interested enough to enlist.

Thanks again!

Best wishes and better health to all,


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