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Goodbye and thanks to my friends here


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I just wanted to post one last time, although it will probably be censored. I came here looking for support for my 13-yr-old and myself. But, because one of the powers that be have decided to censor my opinions and support to someone here who was going through a troubling time along with her dysautonomia, which is worsened by stress, I feel I need to say goodbye. To my friends who have supported me and offered wonderful advice, and they know who they are, I say a big thank you and send a big hug. I have had a really bad POTS crash today, due to my overdoing it and from the emotional stress of feeling censored by my forum of hope, I'm glad I'm off to the cardiologist tomorrow. My son and I will get through this. I love him dearly, and will continue to seek the best of healthcare for us. I wish the same for EVERYONE here, even those who I have somehow offended and don't want me here. That's okay. I understand. I love you all and thank you again for sharing your experiences, good and bad, and for giving us advice.



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We have forum guidelines for a reason, and we expect our members to follow them. People who do not follow the forum rules cause undue work for the moderators and often cause problems for other members.

No one ever said they didn't want you here, but the moderators and myself do want you to follow the forum guidelines.

The choice is yours.

Michelle Sawicki

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