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fast heavy breathing


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do any of you experience periods of fast heavy breathing as if you are running, but you are just lying down, usually this happens when i have palpitations, but sometimes it comes on when heart isnt really racing, usually when i get the adrenaline rush from eating, but i hate that i am breathing so fast, and it eventually slows down on its own, but anything to help alleviate it? since its so draining, thanks and wish you all a goodnight,


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Hi Radha;

I used to get that all the time. What I have learned is to teach myself to breath right again. Take slow deep breaths, counting slowly to 4 while breathing in and then count to 4 slowly while exhaling. Do this for about 20 minutes, while relaxing, and it should help your breathing. Practicing this many times a day will help you to do it automatically when your breathing starts to race as well. You can get other breathing exercises from you doctor.

Good luck and take care.

KathyP :(

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Hi Rhada,

I meant to reply to you earlier, but spaced on it.

I find myself panting when I stand for more than a minute or two. I've never had it happen when I was laying down. I know that my POTS doctor says that hyperventillation or "air hunger" is a relatively common complaint in the patients he sees. Have you gotten it checked out with your doctor? You might want to rule out non-pots causes just to be safe.

Hope that helps,


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