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Ectopic heart beats-extra neart beats

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

When The Cardiac RN downloaded my implantable cardiac loop recorder the last couple of times he said I had a few extra heart beats.

He did not seem concerned---and he also said I had a fast heart rate. I'm on beta blockers for the tachycardia, but lately they don't seem to work as well.

My pain with the cervical spine stenosis is worse then ever, and the cranial/cervical instability is also getting worse---or feels worse. I know that yesterday while trying to do my hair my neck---where it meets with my head slipped sideways----like my hip does when it tries to dislocate. I don't want to say it actually dislocated---I think that would be some pretty serious business, but it sure felt like it was trying---I have had these before, and i'll get a sharp searing pain that runs across my lower cranial area. I get this nearly every day.

I have noticed since yesterday I feel like I have a charlie horse type pain at the base of my skull...down my neck----and two terrible ear aches. I can't sleep on my side because my head feels like it's trying to dislocate again. Today I am also very weak---and it's difficult to hold my head up, and my walking is kind of shuffled. I seem more prone to the irregular heart beats when I feel this way.

Dr. Bolognese at the chiari institute said if my arrhythmias (spelling) get worse of more frequent---it could be an indication my brain stem compression is getting worse. My POTS feels like it is out of control---and for the most part I feel very weak.

It's a good thing i'm going to the Cleveland Clinic. we drive the two hours to get there tomorrow afternoon. My appointment with the neurosurgeon is 7:00am Monday. Then I see a PT for POTS right after that appointment---@ 9:00am.

i just want to lay in bed, but laying flat or with my head slightly elevated makes my ears hurt more, and sitting up is hard to---I just have to sort of do a sit--and lean back combo.......

I should go---i'm so hunched over now---(like a 90 year old)----I can barely type---forgive any spellings errors.....

Julie :0)

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Sorry you are not feeling well. Try to get some much needed sleep before your trip. I hope everything goes well with you and you get some help and much needed answers while you are at the clinic. Have a safe trip :)

I experience pac/pvc everyday as well as a fast heartrate. My dr. is not concerned either. They certainly bother me more than they do him!

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