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I was taking mestinon a few months ago and didn't notice any bad side effects or any good. I was still getting extremely sick every few weeks (nausea) with it lasting for 2 or more weeks. So my question is does anyone just take it when they get in a potshole? I was up to 150 mg and started tappering off because i felt if it didn't seem to help than why put it in my body.

So I was going to try it next time I'm sick but would it even be effective for a few weeks at a time? I don't meet with my doctor for a few weeks so I just thought I'd ask you first seeing as this site answers my questions better than any doctor does because I feel like we do more research than they do.

So what do you think?


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Hi Dayna,

I increased the mestinon until it started working. I think it took about 180 to 240mg's before I noticed it working. It doesn't do miracles, BUT it keeps me warmer and makes me less dizzy. Whenever it stops working (like I'm getting used to it) I'm increasing just a little until I feel the effect of it again. I'm on 360 these days.

Good luck,


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i'm trying to figure out currently how much mestinon my body is happiest with & i'm pretty confused (as is my body?!). i definitely did well in vandy's one-time med trial with mestinon & beta-blocker combined & while it didn't work magic it got me to a better place than my prior med combo. but in increasing recently i haven't noticed any improvement with the higher doses....

but from an objective/clinical standpoint i can reason the "would mestinon work occasionally" question in both directions....

unlike some meds (i.e. florinef), mestinon has some immediate effect. it was part of the med trials i was in at vandy & only these types of meds were included. things that would "kick in" in a short amount of time. so...in light of this i could see it being okay for periodic use. i've done the same with midodrine.

but...in reading up a lot as i've been increasing my dose & in speaking with dr. g, it takes about a week to get the maximum benefit from mestinon. so..in this regard periodic use might not be "as" beneficial....theoretically.

but the balancing of side-effects & the like could be part of the picture too. i know that i can't tolerate reglan on a consistant basis but am able to take it on & off without any problems (in terms of side effects).

so....i can see it both ways. obviously it makes sense to talk with a doc but i can see how it might help with periodic use. i know that the first day i was given mestinon with the beta blocker i was more functional than i had been in months...so obviously that didn't take the whole week to kick in.

and i totally understand not wanting to be on extra meds if they aren't really helping anyway.

keep us posted. being on my own "mestinon exploration journey" at the moment i'm definitely curious!

:P melissa

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