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Last week I had tubes put in my ears because I have been battling with ear infections for a long time. I still continue to battle with problems with vertigo. Unfortunately it has been recommended that I do not take antivert - the drug most commonly prescribed for vertigo - as the side effects include increased heart rate.

My ENT informed me that he will prescribe small doses of valium to take before bed to reduce chances of vertigo. I haven't heard about valium helping vertigo but it is common for him to prescribe when antivert can't be taken. I currently take Klonopin and I will have to go off of that. I found that klonopin lowers my heart rate and supresses my nervous system. According to my ENT, valium does the same.

I was just curious if anyone takes this, how much, any side effects, what do you take it for, etc.

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Hey there,

I used to take xanax (which is in the same family of drugs as valium) back when they thought I was having panic attacks. I know that the xanax can lower blood pressure, and it did for me.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm sure someone here will know more.



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