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Those of you in the Cleveland area...

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Hi Jennifer,

There's been some posts on this recently I think.....if you're seeing Dr. Fouad she's great at diagnosing, but not so great with follow-up. If you're seeing someone else there, then I don't know what they're like.

Dr. Thomas Chelimsky is at UH, he will also dx, but he is much better with follow-up care. It is still very difficult to get in to see him though.

Dr. Parvin Dorostkar doesn't do diagnostics (sp?), but we see her for follow-up. She is very open to working with Dr. Grubb, and since it's so difficult to see him, she's been a great back-up. She is listed as a pediatric cardiologist, but she will see adult patients with pots (at least she was doing that). She is also very familiar with POTS.

Hope this helps some.


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I was instructed in July when I saw Dr Fouad to have a follow up in six months. I am going to call to set it up. I'll see after that if I return for follow ups. I recall from other posts that Cleveland isn't so great for followups, but other than my reg. dr, and dr Fouad, I have noone else. So for now I'll stick to Cleveland and see what comes up.

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