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im back


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ive just got out of hospital after two weeks. I was having problems with balnce,speech and walking and cooordination.And also i had facial numbness, and exhaustion.

The doctors couldnt find out why.My eeg came back abnormal but they werent concerned.Anyway then i actually realised that maybe its the pots. I guess ive never taken pots seriously,silly me.I was doing alot better then i suddenly lost all concentration and went down hill but i ddint have my usual pots symptoms where i feel faint.Thats what i thought was odd.

Anyway could someone tell me if this can happen with pots and its about time i took it more seriously.

sorry for being so brief my brains not working.

take care


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hayley--sorry you have been feeling poorly again. I assume they did a lot of testing to rule out serious, progressive neurological disorders--and all of that came back negative? All of the symptoms you describe are possible to have with POTS, but if new symptoms come on, it is really important to have them evaluated, as you did.

Are you on any meds for POTS right now? Do you have a doctor who is working with you on managing your POTS?


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Thanks for replying.I had an mri done which was negative.The symptoms just concerned me because i never had them before.

. I also keep falling over alot.And my right eye feels like something covering part of it and is blurry.

I hope to find an answer one day. I am not on any tablets at the moment.


H x

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