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Just wanted to say Hello


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I just wanted to say hello to all the regular and welcome all the newbies. I haven't posted in awhile. I needed a break, I needed to figure out how to run my life and not have this illness run it.

I hope everyone is doing well and hope some of you have better days around the corner. I need to do a post catch up day.

Well last time you heard from me I was trying zoloft.... for me personally that was a big mistake. So once I recovered from that MAJOR set back I did some life and emotional rearranging and so far so good.

I've been having a mini remission for 6wks. The best 6 wks I've had in over a year. I had a few bad days but they passed. I feel on top of the world lately.

I realized I have soo much to live for and giving up is no longer an option in my mind. No matter how bad things get.

My husband rearranged his schedule so he's home m-f and works 8am sat to 8am mon. it has been wonderful for me because I no longer have all the stress of all the school events and sports etc. for my kids. I'm there when I can be and also I can rest when need and he can be there for them. It's also been easy to get help on the weekend if I need it.

Well I'm going to catch up on the posts and see how everyone has been. I see a LLMD doctor this Friday so I'll give you all an update to see if Lyme diease plays a part in my illness or not.

I miss you all


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It's so nice to hear some good news! See... we told you it would all work out. That is great about your husband being able to be home Mon- Fri and help with the kids activities. Don't overdo it on the weekends though. I feel your pain because I've been a "Married single" for our entire marriage and it can get really hard. Thanks for the update- sounds like things are going great!


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