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Recurrent Viral Flare Ups/Flu-Like Symptoms


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For the past few years, I keep getting these recurrent viral type flare ups where I will wake up feeling achy, weak, and tired beyond beleif. Usually ibuprofen helps and I can go about my day, and it will subside after a few days. BUT I've been having this for over a week now, and it's really bothersome and somewhat painful. I feel flu like, and my throat is all scratchy, etc... but I am not sick. Does anyone have any idea if this would relate to fibromyalgia (I literally ache all over)? Or anything else? I never get se asonal allergies, so I don't think that's the problem. I'm just tired of feeling yucky and I am so sleepy I can barely function. It might be worth a trip to the doc to invesigate...

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After so many years with POTS and various auto-immune diseases, I find myself "questioning" my own body's wisdom. I'll wake up with swollen glands, feel achy all over, very tired, low energy .... then I'll take my temperature find out it's normal and decide then "I'm not sick". First thing I needed to do was accept "I AM sick." It might be a bacterial infectin, it might be viral, it might be the chi is flowing through me and scattering my karmic being. But whatever it is, I'm sick and I need to be kind to my body. Give it what it wants, try and reduce my to-do list. I KNOW this is terribly hard as Mom our ability to downsize is limited.

Getting it checked out by a doctor is a wise move. I know people who never had allergies before, but this year seems to have grabbed them by the ragweed collar and shaken the histamines right out of them. But even if the doctors find no probable cause ... it doesn't mean it's not real. Best of all, your body will find a way to heal.

How have you been sleeping?

How is your diet? In particular your fluids?

Oh and the baby! Any recent ear infections? Anytime my first born got an ear infection I came down with swollen glands She and I were like dualing banjos when it came time to downing anti-biotics (which I hear they are no longer giving for ear infections --- ahhhhh doctors .... we'd like to think it's based on science, but it's often closer to voodoo politics.)

Good Chi your way,


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Funny you should mention that. I was in bed all day yesterday with the same symptoms you describe except for the throat thing. I thought I was getting the flu or a bad cold. I kept waking up for a few hours and then felt tired and sick and went back to bed. I was sure it was a virus of some sort. I was achy all over. This was the first time it happened to me.

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I've also had a similar experience recently. The body aches were so bad that I couldn't move and I had a hard time sleeping....I was literally in the most pain I've ever been in!

I hope you improve -- It's hard to tell sometimes if we are "sick" or if it's part of the other sickness...POTS.

Hang in here,


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