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New symptom. Sensation on bottom of feet and palms of hands

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I first noticed it a couple of weeks ago during an adrenaline dump. The palms of my hands and the bottom of my feet have a weird sensation. It's not quite tingling. Maybe it is? I can't really put it into words. But it's been happening daily even with no adrenaline attacks. 

Yall think this is possibly pots related? I've also had muscles twitching all over my body for years, not long after I was diagnosed. So my body has been doing weird things for a long time now. Idk. I'm gonna bring it up to my doctor when I see him in a month. Just curious if anyone else has been through this.

Edit: I feel it now and honestly my forehead seems slightly numb both sides. And my scalp feels tinglyish. 


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The tingling description reminds me a little of low CO2.. do you notice whether you hyperventilate? Could look into doing breathing exercises, there's guided breathing apps with different patterns to choose from to see what works for you. There's also the old paper bag breathing (looks dramatic when they do it on the TV, but sometimes it can help). I keep brown paper lunch bags on hand for this reason. 

I feel like the muscle twitching is common from what I've read over the years, I get it sometimes and my partner also with dysautonomia gets it a lot, it can happen in ME/CFS and that condition is dysautonomic in nature. There's a Phoenix Rising thread about it here.

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