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Ok guys I know mind blanks and bad memory are part of the symptoms that come with dysautonomia. But recently I have had some freaky episodes. I've never been one to talk in my sleep but its been twice now....I've gotten potsy, tachy, and passed out. Well I'd come to but I didn't come fully to...my finace was with me and I would just be foggy, talking about random things, pass out again and come to normal?????? Just a tad freaky, I brushed it off as being over-tired, stressed, but today I've been really bad with headaches, neck spasms, and a bad memory.


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Hi Ballroom!!

Well, I'm certainly no Dr and I do recommend you discuss this with your Dr next time you see them or call them if this continues to be a problem.

A couple of things come to mind though.

1- I get some really strange symptoms when I get migraines. I don't always get a headache with my migraines. Sometimes I get aura only. I've had times with migraine where I couldn't distinguish salt from sugar (even though I knew I was supposed to know), I would have phrases repeat themselves in my head (usually something really stupid like somebody would say a sentence and the last word they spoke would stick and repeat in my head). Felt really crazy to me but it turned out to be symptom of migraine.

2- Have you ever had a sleep study? If you continue to have this you may want to have that checked out.

3- When I pass out I often get extremely drained. Your body may be completely utterly exhausted and trying to cope.

4-Hormone imbalances can cause memory issues sometimes too.

Hope you're feeling better. Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been really wiped out myself lately.

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Sorry to hear your struggle, Ballroom!

I've never had that sort of trouble when I was asleep, but awake...oh, yes! Had trouble with a director over the inexplicable memory problems -- "Why can't you remember the choreography? You always used to have it perfectly!" Ughh.

Pooh had some good suggestions. I agree that you should let your doctor know. Apart from that, I don't have much to add. I can act really strangely with big, full-blown migraines -- stagger around like a drunk for a week and say lots of random stuff (clean, but random nevertheless! :P ). Memory goes completely out the window! :)

Have you had any neck trauma that might cause vertebrae to go out of line or anything like that? That can cause neck pain as well as neurological problems like increased migraines. Just a thought....

When I've gotten tachy and passed out I usually come back around in a mostly lucid state, so I'm not much help there, either. Maybe your fiance has some imformation about the way you were behaving to help your doctor sort it out?

Hope you're able to keep up with the pivots, etc.!


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