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What causes facial flushing?

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Its always on my right cheek. Gets hot. Turns red. It's been doing it for years but really started ramping up the past month.

I also feel miserable with this symptom. I don't know how to put it into words. 

I think it's adrenal gland issues. Idk. Anyone got experience with this?

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@Derek1987 I have this, but on the left side of my face. It started along with POTS symptoms. Usually appears when I am in flare, in hot environments, eating something that warms up body or just like that - for example when I wake up in the morning... Done a lot of tests and everything was fine. Then I found out a lot of POTS patients experience one side facial flushing. 

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I get it as well, always bilateral. This was one of my first symptoms. I have selfies from 15 years ago, in the peak of fitness, BUT both cheeks are blazing red. I have noticed that the extent and degree of redness is predictive of coming flares. The redder, the sicker I’ll be. It gets worse with activity. 
My wife will run up to me yelling “lay down, you’re glowing red”! 

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