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Cancelled Christmas


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My wife and I were really hoping to drive down to see our families for the holidays. We’re in Maine, and they are in New Jersey, about a 12 hour drive.

But unfortunately we realized this morning that it is just too much for us to handle right now, between my health, old and sick beloved dog Woo, dying Mother-in-law, and all the other stress. 

I love to decorate usually but my hip is too bad, can’t stand/walk enough. I’m hoping that next year I’m in a much better place!

Wondering how other’s handle the holidays? What plans do you have? How do you accommodate your condition and still participate, especially long distance? 


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@MaineDoug I am sorry! Just remember that next christmas, after your successful hip replacement, you will get there in much better condition! I am spending my first Christmas all by myself and the high light will be face-timing with my family overseas. And I am planning on taking a stroll through town looking christmas morning looking at all the decorations and imagining all the festivities going on behind the windows!

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