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Less brainfog when arguing passionately?


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Hey guys,

So I have hyperadrenergic POTS and I have a myriad of symptoms (ranging from ocular, gastrointestinal, shortness of breath, coat-hanger, slurred speech, tight throat, etc) both when standing up and sitting down. Both my heartrate and my symptoms get better in the evening. Brainfog is, unfortunately, as for the vast majority of patients, a major issue.

However, what I've found, is that, sometimes when I'm passionately involved in an argument, my brainfog gets somewhat better, leading me to articulate myself more fluently, as long as I'm in the momentum of, let's say, laying out a logical argument.

I have some make-shift speculations on why that may be so, but so far it's more of an intuition, than anything backed by medical evidence. What I was wondering is whether that may have something to do with the blood-flow reaching "the head" better if you're emotionally invested/passionate in the momentum of an argument or debate, allowing for a short window of "improved cognition/attention"?

Hoping someone has had similar experiences or could substanciate this with a hypothesis!

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Hi, @albertspa!

Your post is interesting! I do believe you're on to something, as I have experienced very similar. Although I was not diagnosed specifically with hyper POTS, just POTS, I believe I have the hyper variety based on symptoms. I have noticed that my brain fog significantly improves when I am having a lively conversation with someone, where there's a lot of "give and take", or a conversation in which I have to think.  An example of the latter would be when I have had to call someone about a business matter or, say, a question about a bill I received. Or, as you stated, "laying out a logical argument". And the effects are long-lasting, pretty much for the whole day. And yeh, I have attributed it to increased blood flow to the brain. Exactly how the physiology of it works is above my pay grade, but I've noticed it enough times that I know it wasn't coincidental.

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