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Total Hip Time!


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So excited! After being lame for 5 years I’m seeing an Orthopedic Surgeon next Tuesday to schedule my Left THA! Hip was held up by Covid, then unexplained Tachycardia/Hypertension issues, then by Prednisone meds. At this point grinding bone on bone! It’s preventing me from doing any exercise and worsening my POTS. Hopefully the hip will be the next step in my journey back to health.

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In NYC for preop visits for 12 hours yesterday! It maxed out my tolerance. But got clearance from all specialties for surgery! 
Great docs and staff at the Hospital for Special Surgery. So lucky I can access care there, rated #1 in Orthopedic surgeries in US 14 years in a row and running and it really shows. 
EVERY doctor and staff member I met was up to date and KNOWLEDGEABLE about Dysautonomia and POTS! How refreshing! They even brought in groups of medical students to see the “Zebra”. 🤪

Best of all I have clearance to drink as much water as I need until they switch me to IV saline upon arrival for surgery.
The only negative were labs, dang liver enzymes were very high. They were perfect a month ago, fourth time they’ve gone up and down in the last 3 months. Hopefully my upcoming MR CRP next Thursday will shine some light on the topic! 
My hip X-rays are hilarious! No joint space at all! The report says “complete bone on bone contact throughout joint with osteocytes and bony structural failure”! 😂 And yet somehow I can still walk short distances! It actually hurts less now than 6 months ago. Docs agreed that I’ve “worn away all the nerve endings”! Now that’s perseverance! 

Surgery 3/18/24! Better days ahead! 


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Drove down from Maine to NYC today. Staying at mom’s tonight, then my wife and sister are coming along to stay at the patients only hotel attached to the Hospital for Special Surgery.
Need to be close for 5:30 AM surgical prep. Left Total Hip scheduled for 8:00 AM on Monday, 3/18/2024!

Thanks to POTS Anticipating 3-4 day stay in the hospital “until hemodynamically stable”! That should be fun! 😂 Showing off my BP and HR variability for the med students! 😂 Every now and then it’s fun to be a Zebra! 

If I wasn’t going to one of the best hospitals in the World, with the Director’s of Surgery and Perioperative Management and Medical Education, I’d be more nervous. I know how wonky my vitals get just standing up or even taking a phone call! But I’m reassured and proud to report that 12 expert docs have examined and imaged my heart and lungs over the last several months. Four years ago cardiologists told me I was in heart failure, with ventricular hypertrophy, paralysis of the medial ventricular wall with an ejection fraction of 20%, and diagnosed with COPD, transient oxygen levels in the low 80’s and put on 4 liters of oxygen. BUT NOW I’m oxygen free and some of the best cardiologists have, unprompted, remarked to me on the “strength of my heart and incredible lungs”!!! 🫁 ❤️ The power of focused all out wellness AND transfer of my care to experts! 


And now moving ahead boldly towards a healthier tomorrow! New hip, new teeth, new hearing, better vision (now 20/30, was 20/80!), improvement on the liver and pancreatic front, no longer malnourished from malabsorption, improved cognition, in month 5 of the CHOP exercise program, down 40 pounds! I’m a new and healthier man than I’ve been in 15 years! And just in time for my 60’th! 

Dreaming of walking my dog! Taking my wife to dinner!! Gardening!!! Light hikes, bikes, canoeing? Surely camping! A month ago I’d have laughed. But now…😁

Good healthy night everyone! 🐾❤️🕉️🌈

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I am thinking of you and wish you an successful surgery, a speedy recovery and uneventful hospital stay! in a few weeks you will be a new man! Best of luck, @MaineDoug

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