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Weather changed and my runny booger nose kicked up and been sneezing badly.


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MikeO, you might ask your doctor for a seasonal prescription trial for Singulair(Montelukast).  My Son#2 does this and it works great for him spring & summer.  I take it year around because of allergy induced asthma.  My allergy is completely under control and so is my Son#2 and neither of us have asthma anymore.  If a person has a break thru in allergies they also have Singulair with added Claritin.   Son#1 takes only Claritin but he has quite a few times when it is not enough.   I have been on it for over ten years and I get a break thru maybe once or twice per year, but it is very mild with just a runny nose, just in the spring.  I think one time I had eye itching.  Some have reported irritability for a week or two when starting it and my Son#2 has had this twice in the spring when he starts it.  He has been on seasonal Singulair for more than 5 years  I started having allergy problems at age 5 and asthma at age 7, and I have been dealing with this for 65 years.

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