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Anyone else with bony growths in mouth?

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I am wondering if anyone one else suffers from Tori, bony growths on the inside of the jaw bone below the gum line. I have had 4 surgeries to smooth out, but the problem keeps getting worse, now growing spikes which are lacerating my gums. I’m wondering if dysautonomia is causing excess bony growth? Anyone with anything similar? If so, how did you treat this?



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I have  bone growths below the gum line on bottom teeth .  I don't remember what they are called.  When I first noticed mine I was a young person & it scared me but when I was told it was nothing to worry about I don't pay much attention anymore.  They seem to not be as bad or as noticeable now that I'm old.  No dentist ever brought them to my attention so I didn't treat them in any way.  Good luck!

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