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Ya win some, ya lose some

Sarah Tee

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Had a disappointing interaction with my dysautonomia specialist today


Found out I can get into nearby highly recommended GP clinic in June

Just have to drive into the next main town and drop off some paperwork tomorrow. I’ve been trying to get in there for a year! Not sure which doctor I will see. The lead doctor is recommended for chronic conditions, so fingers crossed I get her. But regardless, I will have my foot in the door, and I’m sure they’re all pretty good. It’s a fee-paying clinic, but I live such a quiet life these days I find I can afford it.

Bonus: can have coffee and apple cake at nice cafe.

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Yay @Sarah Tee, I am happy and hopeful for you! It is so very important to be able to trust in the abilities of our docs, and I hope they will listen to and help you! But do the coffee and cake AFTER the appointment - so your BP wont go up from sugar and caffeine 😉




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Well, the doctor’s office let me email my paperwork, has me on the books, and I have an appointment booked in June. So that’s good.

Bad news is that extended household member has tested positive for YOUKNOWWHAT. I probably have it too. No-one has symptoms yet. So coffee and cake is off. Also bowel scan next week may be off.

Good news again is that I ordered a box of fruit & veg that will be delivered to front verandah today.

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Thanks @MikeO, it isn’t too bad for now. We are all keeping a close eye on each other. Neighbours kindly dropped off some supplies and pharmacist organised anti-virals for eligible household members. Had to cancel a few appointments but everyone very understanding and no cancellation charges.

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