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The flu shot is absolutely harmless unless you are allergic to eggs. It is a dead vaccine, there is nothing alive in it you can react to, however it is preserves in an egg based stuff. Many people say they get sick from it, but there is no evidence to support this. I don't get them, but only because I very seldom get respiratory illnesses. I have my son get one every year however, because he is suppressed.

As far as rabies, no clue. I know they are pretty painful and come in a series, but beyond that don't know very much. morgan

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Just my personal experience....I used to get flu shots every year for a long time and then about 4 yrs ago I had a horrible reaction. I got sick and my POTS flared for about 6 months. I was told never to get a flu shot again.

I am not allergic to eggs. I was also told that some people are allergic to the preservatives they use in the shots. If you are allergic to red wine you should not have the flu shot.

Don't know what your case is but I know for me vaccines now tend to make me really sick. It's almost like my body tries to fight EVERYTHING so it kinda makes sense to me now why I have such horrible reactions to vaccines. I'm to the point I won't get vacines unless I'm 100% forced to.

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I did get the rabies shot because I was going to be working with bats. It was relative painless and goes just under the skin on your arm--although I have probably had POTS my whole life, I do not remember if it did anything to me as I did not know I had it. I would not know who to ask--sorry. JenniferTX -- Maybe look up the package insert for the vaccine.

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I had to have the rabies vaccine series becuase somehow bats got into our house. So my whole family had to get the shots. It is very painful, more painful in the first time you go to get them becuase they have to do around 4-5 shots. And it really hurts, they did 2 in my arm and 2 in my hip. And i think they pinched a nerve when they did the ones in my hip, cause i still have pain. It's been about a month since i had them. Anyway after the first set of shots, the other ones aren't bad and don't much at all.

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I just have to add my experience with a flu vaccine back in 1995.....

I was not feeling great at the time, and still unaware that I had Lyme Disease so I was pursuing testing and dr's trying to find out what in the world was wrong with me.

My Dr at the time suggested I get the flu vaccine so I would not get the flu.

I got it, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I passed out 10 minutes after getting it and from there I became debilitated, bedridden, the room spun for 8 months with no let up, I could not lift me head without help.... This went on for 2 years ..I finally got siagnosed with Lyme and as the years and passed and I got more Lyme treatment things got better. But I believe the flu shot was the catalyst that triggered my immune system and brought out lots of things in my body.

I will never touch a vaccine again as long as I live.

I am not writting this to scare you and to make you think that it will happen to you, but just to give you another perspective...and maybe to research these vaccines a little more.

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Guest 12StringANSGuitar

I'm just suspect of all meds and vaccines, and haven't had but a tetanus shot in the last 26 years(actually two of them...1987, and 2003- which had diphtheria vaccine in it :) supposedly).

My employer gives out free Hep B to anyone who wants it, but I always sign the declination form. I tell them thanks, I've got my garlic to protect me :blink: .

On another website that I frequent, someone mentioned that the Amish have no instances of Autism, and that that may be attributable to them not getting vaccines.

I don't know if the member there has their facts right or not.

But than, its almost a catch22 for anyone wanting to do the right thing(like protecting yourself when the government or Doc is telling you to do so; or you have a child to care for....what do you do?).

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