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Just a side note--I'm not the only one!!

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Guest Mary from OH

All I can say is ME TOO!! Many times I just can't summon up enough enery to manage to even get IN to shower or bathe. My BIG problem is also that I am EXTREMELY near-sighted and have to wear my glasses to shave. I can't really shave in the shower very well because my glasses get all fogged up (our shower and bathtub are seperate). So I usually have to take a bath in the tub and then wash my hair in the sink when I want to shave. So, that's TWO tasks I have to accomplish!! Most of the time, it just seems too unsurmountable! So, it just keeps getting put off. I opt for the old sink bath, etc. But the hair is what becomes the problem!!

Anyhow, thanks Poohbear for starting this thread!! It brings us all together and helps us realize we're all human and in this together!! ;)

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Now that I am deeling with the OI,OH, and POts crap my 18mo old little girl and I have a new favorite thing. We shower together. I turn on the water to the appropriate temp, put all the soap and shampoo on the floor, and we walk in and sitdown. She loves it, I love it and we wash our hair and basically run a lot of water. We only do it when I can't handle bending over the tub and lifting her. So she thinks that it's a treat. I have to stand up to turn off the water, but we have a handle on the side of wall to pull up on. Once I turn off the water we step out and sit back on the floor ro dry off.. Takes us about 20min to get all of this done and then its time for night-night.

What happened to the days of closing your eyes abd tilting your head back under the hot spray of the shower?? I would pass out and probably drown.! Oh well, least there is ice cream.

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I have sponge-bathed for YEARS! I had a walk in shower when I was living with my elderly mother (before her insanity and mood swings ran me and the cats out)

My brother put in a nice walk in shower, with two seats and a hand rail. LOVED IT but even that was too much everyday.

Now I have to step over a tub and no seat. My mother has an old pretty shower seat at her house in her tub but usese the walk in shower now. She doesn't want to part with the shower seat cause it is PRETTY. All the ones on the market now are UGLY, made of vinyle and SCREAM NURSING HOME!

SO I would like to find an old used metal shower chair...or talk my mom into using hers.

But sponge baths can save you. That's how folks did it for centuries before indoor plumbing. I wash my hair in the sink daily or every other day.

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I just thought of this.. as we are discussing the hairy legs.. well i can remeber being like 15..19 and propping one leg up on the skin to shave.. leaving my other leg to hold me up...(stupid stupid stupid!!)

Well i would always wonder why my leg would turn so purple... and then once I got done shaving.. I'd stand on 2 feet and my legs would feel so freakin' weird!!

Low and behold its wa the pots!! didnt know it then though..

I have now revised my shaving techniques... I had gotten to wher i would sit on the edge of the tub and shave the furr of.. but even that is now energy zapping.. these days..


I discovered the Intuition razor.. they are alittle pricy.. but much easier the trying to use soap/and or save gel.. and trying to shave..

these are easier its all in one!.. and I now usually only have to energy to shave one leg at a time.. and that is on a good day!! LOL

anyways thought I'd add my 2cents worth again..


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Don't worry about the shower a day rule! You might want to try a sponge bath using a basin of water and soap--like you do in a hospital. Set it up on a table with you sitting in a chair.

Another suggestion if you 'feel cruddy" but can't take a bath or shower--try these comfort wash towlettes that they sell in a drugstore. Hospitals often provide these to patients but sometimes only when they ask because they are more expensive than the basin of water and soap. I keep these comfort wash things at home so if I am not feeling up to a shower and feel cruddy, I can use these. They can be microwaved and that really feels good. The same company also makes wash towlettes that are especially made for hair washing if you can't shampoo.

Who worries about leg shaving? Not me. I am glad that the seasons are changing so I can go back to wearing black compression hose...no one ever has to see my hairy legs.

Just do what you feel up to. Do not feel like you have to push yourself. Let your body be your guide.

To all my POTSIES...I though baths were supposed to be bad; hot showers bad, and good to finish a shower with cold water.


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I tried my husbands electric razor, the kind that you do not need gel or water with. I can just sit around on the couch or whereever and shave them. Of course, i should have asked, but he didn't mind as long as I remember to put it back on the charger. The good thing is no sharp razors to nick myself and that is good considering the blood thinners I am on, and my legs are smoothe and not hairy as often. He promises to get me my own for Christmas if not before.

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