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Got approved at grad school for Accomodations


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I wrote about this in another topic, but I thougth I'd share that something good did happen today. I was approved for disability service accomodation at Temple University for "absences due to medical necessity." It makes it clear to my profs that they may not doc my grades for absences from class (although it's clear that i am still obligated to keep up with all my work). At some point I may also request extended time for projects, but for right now, I'm just proud that I didn't let my fear of the unknown stop me from asking for help.

'night everyone. Nina :angry:

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That wonderful Nina! You are a very strong dedicated person.... you will get through all this :angry:

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good job nina!

i KNOW how tough it is to have to acknowledge your limitations & ask for help. i feel like it's a lesson i'm having thrown in my face daily right now & it's not a little thing.

so...congrats. it's obviously not going to solve everything (wouldn't that be nice?) but hopefully it will ease your mind at least a little bit.

B) melissa

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