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The return of Kite#7! yeah!


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I've been wondering about you too. In fact I was going to send an email to you to see how you've been, but I see you're out there and doing okay. Good to know. Glad to hear your move is completed and all went well. Looking forward to seeing your posts again. Welcome back. :angry:


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Thank you Steph , Gena

Needless to say the move has been an enormous event for all of us. My 5 kids have adjusted beyond all expectations and enjoyed their summer travels driving accross Canada. We were able to take our time to move which certainly made all the difference in the world so some of the usual pressure was off ; plus we JUST commited to taking our time and enjoying the experience - NO MATTER !! The drive was phenomenal - I drove 1 vehicle and my wife drove another. Suffice to say , we stopped lots. That was the neat part - kinda like our own little convoy. LOTS of STORIES. Our new house is more fitting , literally, for us ; SO that has made life a little less stressful. Not to mention the weather is far more temperate.

Steph , I sold my gym !! I missed it very much . Having all that equipment was certainly an impetus to train ,but further to that were the PEOPLE whom I was training. They infact , kept me going. They kept my will strong on those days I could have otherwise folded. I have bought new equipment ( less of course) , but it is that I find the most difficult. I am thinking about investing in a POWER PLATE vibration machine. I have read quite a bit about this technology and thought about it for my studio but felt it was cost prohibitive. The idea though is very similar to the regimen and results I try to achieve with my my personal workouts. I believe using wobble boards , Bosu balls , swiss balls - med balls etc. especially with resitance can inspire motor units , blood flow etc. Anyway , I won't continue to blather on here . Its been a long time between posts. I gonna keep looking back and keep training when I can . I will keep you posted about the POWER PLATE

kite 7

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Welcome back Kite!

It sounds like you had quite an eventful summer! Where did you move to?


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Hello all,

Thank you again for your kind regards

The POWER PLATE technology that uses high frequency vibration basicly to elicite nerve impulse & deep muscle movement. IT was used in Space to prevent muscle atropy and bone lose. Presently it is in use by many Pro sports teams , RE-hab centres ( Johns Hopkins et al ) and some large commercial gyms . It is recommended for many illnesses such as MS ,ALS . Although these are CNS diseases - I am of the opinion that increasing lean muscle mass and balance , as well as bone density will ultimately help with blood flow. This is 2 fold O2 exchange should ultimately improve as well as vacularity . The benifit of the Power Plate is that it is LOW or NO impact. YOU CAN DO YOGA or JUST STAND ON IT TO BEGIN . IT REQUIRES about 20MINS / DAY. I have been training in earnest for many years and have designed a regimen for myself with these goals in mind , However , it is RATHER intense given what I/WE deal with on a daily basis - HOWEVER IT IS WORTH IT !!!!! But I feel - my humble opinion- now that a HOME unit is avalable , that the Power Plate is a Definite Option. One I am think about SERIOUSLY . Check it out at POWERPLATE USA I have been talking to joe.koehler@powerplateusa.com .He is a VP there and has been very helpful thus far. Oh and by the way I am in no way connected with PowerPlate. It is a technology I have looked at on & off for several years . It has only now become affordable.

Kite 7

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