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If you have a med. bracelet what does it say?


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I took this from a post I made in the past. You can always review previous posts by using the search feature.

As I said before, I have a medic alert tag and make my own bracelets.

There is a number on the tag for emergency staff to call collect--and it's got an ID number, not your name on the inscription. The maintain confidential files that include your meds, doses, diagnoses, doctors, contact information. You may read all about what they do and how here:


I got a 3 year membership which saves some $$. I've had my bracelet longer than that because I've already renewed for the next 3.

I don't leave my home without my bracelet.

Mine is inscribed as follows:

Drug Allergies



Call Medic Alert

(my ID number here)

and then around the top of the tag is their contact info.


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hello again :)

i have a bracelet that says "neurocardiogenic syncope" as that was my initial diagnosis. mine is through medic alert so then has a number to call (for med personel) with all my info stored - meds, diagnoses, allergies, sig. med history,etc. it's a subscription service but as someone who blacks out & is on some meds that can be dangerous if stopped suddenly i consider it worth it. i've had mine for several years (aka didn't get it right away) and while i was self-conscious about it for a bit now i don't even notice it. nevermind that other things are a bit more obvious...er, my wheelchair when i'm using it! i actually wore the bracelet on my ankle at first (ahhh...vanity as a college girl) but after a black out with a fall down a flight of steps when i was out cold & the EMS didn't find it there i gave in B) personally, though, i probably wouldn't have one if i weren't a fainter.

here are some links to peruse:






hope this helps!

:) melissa

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:) Hi Jen!

Mine is through medic alert and states POTS/Dysautonomia...Prone to collapse and seizures...Please administer IV glucose if hypo and saline stat. Allergic to anti-emmetics.

I tend to become hypoglycaemic followin seizures hence asking for admin. of IV glucose. :blink:

There is a contact number which allows access then to further medical details / allergies / emergency contacts.

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I got my tag through medic alert and then I bought the bracelet from Lauren's Hope.

Mine reads that I have a Dual Chamber/rate responsive pacemaker and lists my two major drug allergies and a number to call for additional info.

The problem I've had is that most ER Dr's don't know what POTS or Dysautonomia are, let alone EMT's knowing (although the EMT's are usually wanting/willing to learn and nice about things).

I agree with Melissa, if I didn't pass out so much I probably wouldn't wear one because they don't know what it means anyway and they've never called medic alert collect as it instructs them to do.

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Mine says:

Addison's Needs Steriods

Orthostatic Tachycardia

Allergic Vicodin, E-mxc, Celebrex

Medic Alert #

I also have a Medic Alert bracelet. I will tell you that I recently tested their USB Health key and it is AWESOME! It is nice that I can carry my medical info with me anywhere (it has my meds, diagnosis, doc info, ins. info, etc. - you can even put x-rays on it if you can get them from your doc!). When you plug it into ANY computer a main summary screen comes up. So if an EMT would plug it into their computer, all my info is right there for them.

I would check it out if you have a lot of health issues!

(BTW - I didn't get anything for that plug, it was just a GREAT thing that some of you might not know about and that I was luckily enough to test for them).


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Yes, it is very important. I got mine right after 9/11 (I live in NYC) so that emergency workers in any sort of emergency could know what meds I take, who my doctor is and who to call. I have Neurocardiogenic syncope inscribed on there because I was told it was recognizable by EMTs even though my illness is more POTS. It says on anti-convulsants (I take high doses of neurontin for migraines). Also, I am allergic to aspirin and react very poorly to adrenaline so it says no next to both of those. I should also get a new one that says allergic to reglan because I get anaphylaxis with it. I use medicalert company because they give me a card for my wallet with ALL of my info. I also like that their service will tell an ER about my meds, allergies, diagnoses (of which there are many) and then the service will call my mom and my boyfriend, my neurologist and my PCP. It has been done for me before when I could not talk during a migraine and it worked very well. At the time, my brother was listed and he came very quickly and they knew what meds really bother me and what meds should not be used with the ones I take.

Also, I get a million compliments on my rhodium bracelet. I got a Tiffany's one (just chain link silver, not fancy or pricey) to go with it so it looks decorative but other sick people or medical people see it right away and know what it is. People always apologize when they ask where I got it and I say it is a medical bracelet. They act like they feel just horrible for liking it. I think it is funny because if a bracelet looks nice and is functional, then great!

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