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Headaches revisited


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Hey all,

One of my worst sypmtoms is horrible hadaches that last 5 to 7 days. It is like many of you starting in the back and then moves up over my head and side of head and forehead. I think it is a combination of many sinus, muscle, tiredness, hr, adn hormones. I can usually feerl one coming on but not always. Anyway both sides will hurt but one side more than the other. For the first 2 days it will be the right and then it will switch to the left and be much much much worse. The worst is when it switches back again. When my primary is feeling kindly to me he will allow me to come into the office and get an injection of demerol and phenergan. Sometimes that will help rigth away, others it takes anohter trip to get it to ease and then in about a day it will go away.

Do your headaches do this??? Just curious.

Stacey :-)

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Hey Stacey,

Good to see you post again, although I'm sorry you're fighting those awful headaches. :unsure:

When I first got POTs last summer, boy oh boy...I had killer headaches just like you describe for days in a row. They also switched sides. I still get them from time to time, but usually they only last for a day and it's often when my BP is really low.

But I remember last year, I never thought I would live through those headaches. Incredibly painful and they made me really grouchy. :) It's like you can't think or do anything because it's so unbearable. Hopefully they'll eventually subside for you like they did for me.

P.S. I loved the beautiful poem you wrote in the last DINET newsletter. I printed it out and it hangs on my wall at work! ;)



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stacey -

i have occasional severe headaches of two types - migraines or the low/neck kind that seem to be BP/blood flow related. mine are not as long lasting as yours but my migraines do switch sides...not within one "spell" but from one to the next. my "neck" headaches are purely in the center.

sorry to hear you're having such a hard time in the headache department. i just had one yesterday & can't imagine it having lasted as long as yours do.

big (((HUGS)))


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Thanks for the replies. I jinxed myself and am now in a 2 week headache. It eased for about a day then came back had to go to the doc for anohter injection and then it switched sides again. Now he wants me to go to a nuerologist again. I have been to 4 and none of them have helped. Have you ever noticed that doctors get a certain idea in their head about you and know matter what you say they think what they always think. The first one I went to I put down that sometimes i take excedrin. So to him I was taking to much excedrin adn that is why I had headaches. Now I know that can happen but I only take 1 excedrin, maybe 2 and I know right away if it is going to help. I never take more than 1 or 2 a headache but in his mind that was my problem and so we had to go to someone else. Sorry did not mean to get off on neurologist rant. Just gotta get through this one and then maybe it is time to search for a headache specialist. This past 2 weeks has been unbearable. Any other suggestions?


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I have headache that start from the back than goes to the front and the sides. I think that most of the time it is on the right side.

I have been diagnosed with Migraines a few weeks ago just by my symptoms. I am seeing another migraine specialist ina few weeks. I hope that this one will test me to see what causes it.


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