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Has anyone been tested for GIP during an OGTT or otherwise?

Sarah Tee

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There’s some research going on at Vanderbilt University into the release of a chemical called GIP in patients with POTS who have marked postprandial symptoms.

I am wondering whether anyone has been tested for this, maybe during an OGTT or mixed meal test.

I am not sure how hard it is to test for. It’s just a blood test, but is not done commonly, so you might need to be at a university or research hospital, or the blood might need to be sent somewhere specialised.

I’m going to ask my specialist next month whether we can test it.


GIP stands for glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide. Amongst other functions, it dilates the veins etc. in the abdomen to increase blood flow to the gut after we eat.

This is the preliminary study:


Bigger study is underway:


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@Sarah TeeI am going in to my Doc next week and am going to ask for a stimulated C-Peptide test which will require a glucose challenge (OGTT or MMT). I have been kinda reading some of the same studies and does make sense to me or at least my post-prandial hypotension.

Sure if i ask my Dr for the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide levels he will deny this one. Sure he would not know what to do with the data.

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