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Hyperpots Medication


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Hi everyone, 

For all the hyperpots patients out there who are taking an alpha blocker (clonidine, methyldopa, guanficine, etc.), how long have you been taking your medication? Also was there ever a time where your body stabilized after a period of time and therefore were able to wean off the medication? Are most hyperpots people on alpha blockers for life?

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@bblassmith I have HPOTS but absolutely could not tolerate ANY alpha blockers. Clonidine was a horrible experience, and I tried guanfacine ( Tennex ) but it did not seem to do too much for me. I weaned off it slowly without any problems. I have found the best solution in Carvelidol ( beta and some alpha- blocking effects ) and Diltiazem ( Calcium channel blocker ). 


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