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Having a grumpy day

Sarah Tee

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A couple of months ago, I was a bit weak and started shaking at the dentist after I got the local anesthetic, and the dentist and I agreed it was best she not go ahead with the appointment that day. I was feeling okay (for me) before I went, so there was no way I could have known what was going to happen. The dentist was very nice about it and it turns out it was side effects from a sleeping tablet my doctor had suggested, so not even “my fault”.

Now the dental staff have taken to phoning me every time I have an appointment and asking me “Are you going to be well enough to attend”, which is really making me angry. Previously I got a text message reminder, but now I am singled out to get a special phone call because apparently I am not capable of knowing whether or not I can attend an appointment any more.

I mean, if I knew I was going to be too sick to go, I would cancel. I have no history of not turning up or cancelling at the last minute, yet now I am “under suspicion”.

The ironic thing is that my last appointment was cancelled at the last minute when the dentist herself was ill. So may I should start phoning her every time and asking whether she is going to be well enough to do my teeth!

Also, it’s a silly question. No-one can guarantee that they are not going to be sick 24 hours from now. Even the healthiest person in the world could catch a bug or slip over and break a leg.

And for anyone in uncertain health, it’s even more stupid, because we almost never know what is coming.

I now feel like I am labeled and I don’t want to go back there.

Of course, I am too angry to speak to them about it calmly.

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@Sarah Tee I miss appointments all of the time because I am too sick to go. I always get a call before to confirm. My docs know that my illness is unpredictable are usually extremely accommodating. 

As to numbing shots at the dentist: since I have HPOTS I do not tolerate Epinephrine ( it stimulates adrenaline dumping in me ), so my dentist uses the old-time anesthetic that has no or less epi in it. I tolerate that well. 

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome: Dental treatment considerations - PubMed (nih.gov)

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Your experience notwithstanding--who needs that?--- @Sarah Tee, but something is in the air.  Grumpiness abounds this week, at least wherever I look, including right at home.   

The good thing about that is that it will almost certainly pass.  Or perhaps already has?  And you will figure out what to do about this dentist, one way or another.  Some day, I suspect, the dentist herself or someone she loves will become 'unreliable,' as sadly we are, and maybe she will understand things in a deeper fashion.  

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LOL, the dentists in Maine are terrified to touch me. Each visit I end up needing to page an specialist to call the dentist and reassure them! Thank goodness my docs (Columbia specialists and teaching professors) have been very available and willing to help.

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