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Rebounding from the past two weeks


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Hi everyone. Thanks for hanging in there with me the past two weeks. I got home from a meeting at Grad school last night around 8pm, I ate, and thought I'd try to chill out on my couch in front of some TV. I must have only been there 5 minutes when I feel asleep with the TV blaring. Will and Grace had just started...and next thing I know, Jay Leno was signing off for the night! I never sleep with the TV on. Anyway, I got myself my meds and went up to my bed--and slept untiul almost 11am this morning!! More than 14 hours straight. I must have needed it :) I was having trouble sleeping all last week, so I guess I caught up. AHhhhhhHHHhh. It feels better.

To those who joined us and I haven't yet greeted personally--I hope you will accept this welcome. I hope you find a great deal of support and answers here.

To those who've posted topics and I haven't answered--I hope to be more present here than I've been in the past few weeks.

:) Nina

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Ahhhh, Nina, very well stated WITHOUT an apology! :)

You know I am sooooo jealous of that sleep you got!!!! And, I'm not even keeping my jealousy a secret? It's that bad...Oops. But, I know you will forgive me! :)

Hope the catch-up sleep and the long weekend help you get into feeling a bit better.

I've missed a ton of posts too...as I have hardly been able to hold my head up the past few days! Not so good!

Later alligator,


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Em, I'm unsure why I slept so well when my whole week or two before was such bad sleep--I would wake around 2 or 3am and not be able to fall back to sleep for a few hours, and by then, it was time to get ready for work. Maybe it was the combo of lack of sleep and increase in activity level? I have no idea! Nina

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YIPPPEEEEEE! Hooray for the good night of sleep!!! Oh, how I've been there and can relate to what you've described. I've been worried about you and glad to hear that at least today is better.

When I was working I would go through a week or two where I didn't get restful sleep and then suddenly I would just crash and I couldn't get enough sleep. Like you describe...I'd come home from work and want to catch just 10 minutes of the news and the next thing I knew it would be 12-1AM, I hadn't eaten dinner, Tv blaring, lights on (and I usually have to have things very quiet and dark to sleep). I would sometimes make it upstairs to bed and at other times I was so wiped out I would fall right back asleep in my clothes and everything and sleep until morning.

Take care of yourself and I hope you continue to at least have good quality sleep!!

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Okay, I'm trying not to cry right now. My airconditioning is broken again... I'm still working on getting the health priority status with my energy supplier, so the earliest they can help me is tomorrow. :) I'll be camping out in my basement again, for the 2nd time this summer. Let's hope it doesn't take them 3 days to fix it like last time. Nina

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nina -

i'm going to add a ditto to your attempt at rebounding...i'm guessing it's a bad sign that i'm already wiped from school & i've only had a week of classes?? eeks.

is your air fixed yet?? if you managed not to cry you're a step ahead of me b/c my elevator was out yesterday & i did cry. ggggrrrrrr.

i hope you're cooler & continuing to rest up well. i haven't been in as much as a fix as em sleep wise but i'm still jealous of your good slumber as i'm no where near that either. it happened to me many a time in the past though after work....the news one minute, leno the next...

i hope those toes of yours are starting to heal up too.


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air's back on...but right now, I'm too sick to care. I haven't been out of bed for more than a few minutes all day. One step forward two steps back.


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