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"Weird" vision symptoms

Sea otter

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@Sea otter my sister, who also has dysautonomia, suffers from eye symptoms such as you describe. She was told they are from dysautonomia, but she also has a condition where one eye slightly points into another direction ( I forget the name, but its a real thing ). She wears glasses that dim day light to avoid overstimulation. When she reads or is on the computer for a while her vision gets blurry and the eyes "zone out" as you say. All of these symptoms worsen when she gets overstimulated, and I think it coincides with sympathetic overcompensation causing an adrenaline dump. That is my theory at least. 

The Fight-or-flight response directly affects the pupils by dilating them to allow more light to enter, so this is a possible reason for vision problems when the SNS is activated

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Thank you so much for your explanation. It makes a lot of sense. Also, tilt table test increased shaky vision, so this has to be related with POTS (dysautonomia). I think medical staff is not aware of many symptoms we experience and are thought wrong things about this condition. 

For example, they wonder why my vision is shaky all the time. They think it should go away with laying down. Because some of them think symptoms are present only when standing. They are soooooo wrong. 😊

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I had shaky vision when I first got sick, although mine was up / down, rather than left / right. It wasn't constant, would only last a few seconds, and I would experience it both upright or while laying down. Quite often it was after waking. It went away as I started to feel better. I also had episodes of 'wavy' vision, particularly when looking at a computer screen and I was trying hard to concentrate. Very similar to what you would see on a hot day when looking at an asphalt road at a distance.

I also experienced the eyes zoning out / staring sensation. I would also be 100% aware of what was happening around me, but it was almost as though I just didn't have the energy to focus my eye muscles and it was easier to just let them relax into a stare. It was another symptom that disappeared as I started to feel better. It will occasionally return if I am feeling  tired.

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