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Winter Fatigue


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Hey guys!! I hope you are all feeling okay!

I just had a question for all you POTsies out there. It is winter where I live right now, and because of that it has been extra dark. I also just have a hard time in winter with the cold, seasonal depression issues, and just all the ugly symptoms that come with POTS. I have been so extremely tired for the past week or so it is almost too much to handle. Any tips? I am currently on Iron, TMG (which is kind of like B12), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Midodrine, Verapamil, and Licorice root. My doctor was hoping that the iron and TMG would help with the fatigue but it doesn't seem to. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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@Knellie I too feel bad with seasonal changes. In the winter I cannot go outside due to the cold temps and fast adjustments necessary going from warm ( inside ) to cold ( outside ) triggering symptoms in me. I am also extremely exercise intolerant, and going outside less can cause circulatory issues and fatigue. The best thing I can do to feel better is exercise! When i cannot go outside I open the window and do reps on my rowing machine three times a day ( whenever possible ). Since rowing can be done while sitting and utilizes most muscles and joints in the body this is an easy exercise for me, and I can do 10 reps or twenty in one sitting, depending on the day. 

Before I had a rowing machine ( which I purchased relatively cheap online ) I would follow general mobility exercises a Physical Therapist had taught me, to do when feeling poorly to avoid deconditioning. 

I personally cannot tolerate swimming but many POTS patients benefit from going to an indoor pool regularly during winter. 

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Yes, I struggle with this in the winter also. I also live somewhere with very little sunshine. I wish I had a grand helpful suggestion. I don't. But I can relate and I'm sorry. The compression hoes do help my energy, as does a low thyroid dose and some lemonade with celtic salt in it along with my  med regeme that seems similar to yours. All that to say, I be I"m trying the same things you are and can relate. If you find anything helpful drop let me know.

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