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Low BP During Sleep


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Hi all!

I started using a 24-hour BP monitor just this week. It takes a reading every 30min.

I'm seeing 2-3 periods of very low BPs each night, with diastolic in the 40s or high 30s (normally 75 in daytime).

Systolic is less abnormal during those dips ranging from 80s-100s (normally 120 in daytime).

The dips seep to last 30-90min each.

Outside the dips, sleeping BP is about 20% lower than daytime, as you'd expect.

During the dips, I often suddenly wake (from a deep sleep, for no apparent reason) with numb hands and swollen fingers.


I wonder...do any of you get have dips in BP while sleeping? Or wake up with numb/swollen hands?





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Hello! I have hypotension (Low BP) only in left and right lateral positions. It would wake me up from a dead sleep. I would feel like I was going to faint. Now when I lie down on my right or left, I immediately feel a shift feeling, get short of breath and my heart beat changes. When I measure my BP I’m at 88/41. Any other position my blood pressure is normal. I cannot believe that not one single doctor can explain this. 

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More than 15 years ago my Son#2 who at the time had POTS, had occasionally at about 02:15 to O2:45 a seizure while in his sleep. This started when he was about 18 years old.  This went on for about a year or so and Dr. Grubb ordered a sleep study.  The results showed it was caused by Hypopnea in the deep sleep.  When this happened his blood pressure dropped into the high 70's over low 60's.  


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