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Anyone with experience of these?... Thank you!

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Hi all,

Anyone tried any of these meds for hypovolemia and hyper PoTS combo (with constant high BP, especially dBP and especially stood, and SVT!)? 

(Side note: is SVT common in dysautonomia?)


- Methyldopa? (generic) 

- Verapamil? (a CCB) (names - half Securon, Securon, Verapress, Vera-Til, Vertab etc) 

- Diltiazem (a CCB) under various time releases and brands. Fortunately helps @Pistol

whose input has been v helpful : ) 


Were they alone, or in combo with other meds? 

How long was the trial?

Your starting daily dosage? 

Your max daily dosage? 

Any symptom reduction? 

If yes, which one(s)? 

Any side-effects (know everyone is different)? 

How long did it take to obtain any benefit from the med(s)? 


Was it along with scripted salt tablets?




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  • Looking_for_light changed the title to Anyone with experience of these?... Thank you!

My recommendation is if anyone has issues with SVT they should be seen by a Cardiologist.

Meds that work for me for High BP and Heart Rate are:

Carvedilol (beta blocker) 6.25 mg twice daily.

Amlodipine (CCB) 5 mg a day.

It did take a bit (several weeks or so) to start seeing benefits for me. I have tolerated both meds well.

If you do go with amlodipine start off with a low dose then move up from there. The drug is slow to realize a workin blood serum level (takes four days or so) and has a very long half life.



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