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Been experiencing twitching for the past 2 months. Say my pcp and she ran labs only thing low was my alkaline phosphatase and blood urea nitrogen (b.u.n) advised me to see my neurologist if everything came back relatively normal. Is this a pots thing? Not like tremors or spasms but like a nerve signal tapping making my leg and all randomly throughout my body. Not painful but annoying. 

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Update: I’ve also noticed that the twitching is more intense after my walking treadmill workout. My legs and thighs will start twitching like crazy almost like the nerve signals are firing rapidly. It last about 45 minutes to an hour. I also noticed I get almost like blood rush or pulsating feeling up my spin afterwards when I’m sitting and recovering.

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I think the medical term is "fasciculations" so that might help when checking medication side effects or looking through research or past posts.

I have read that benign fasciculation can come come on after exercise (for anyone). Just trying to remember whether I've had it too, but I usually exercise lying down these days so that reduces the intensity.

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