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Coreg only makes me light headed in the morning.


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So lately in the mornings coreg has been making me lightheaded. Sometimes so lightheaded I can't function. It used to do this a long time ago until I was prescribed florinef. Then it stopped. I was prescribed florinef because my aldosterone was too low. This seemed to correct the issue. It's been a couple years. Now the issue is back. My blood pressure is fine during these episodes. Sometimes even a bit high (hyper pots). But when it gets really bad I have to take a midodrine which gets me back on track. 

I find it weird that it's only in the morning. Anybody know why that might be? I don't have an autonomic doctor anymore because they quit. I can't see one until July 2023. So I'm just figuring out what maybe I can do until then. My primary care doctor has continued my medications while I wait on my new doctor. 

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